Rituals and Ceremonies

Rituals and Ceremonies

By George Currie | June 12, 2017 | How to Join


What are the Rituals?

Freemasonry rituals are basically a series of ceremonies for personal development and are the one aspect that distinguishes Freemasonry from almost all other social groups. For many non-Freemasons, this dominates their perception of Freemasonry.


 What are the Ceremonies or Rituals about?

The ceremonies and rituals are steps or stages dramatically portrayed as allegories or stories – through which new or Apprentice Freemasons pass to become Master Masons.

These steps or stages are known in Freemasonry as degrees and represent the three stages of a man’s life: youth, manhood, and aged.


The First Degree establishes a foundation and examines the cornerstones of charity, affiliation and tradition.

The Second Degree builds oil to this base, illustrates the importance of education and work and encourages daily advancement to become a better person.

The Third Degree brings acceptance of who you are, and shows that all men are equal irrespective of race, religion, political or social status. It also instills the belief that, with a good foundation, a man can be a worthy and contributing member of society.

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