2nd Century


The Methven Lodge unique Past Masters Jewel, with its rich Scottish origin.

A Unique Past Masters Jewel


This Jewel worn by the Past Masters of the Lodge is significant.  The designer must have been well versed in Scottish folklore to give us the jewel we wear today.

Our fair town and of course The Methven Lodge #51, take their names from the original village and and district in Perthshire close to Scone (pron Scoon), the seat of the ancient Kings of Scotland.  The district of Methven was, folklore tells us, peopled by the body guards or defenders of those Kings, and as well as being freeholders of their lands.

They were by Royal decree allowed to have a family crest, surrounded by a belt, just as we have the Pythagorean Theorem surrounded by a belt. The significance of the belt is that it is a sword belt, worn over the right shoulder and under left arm to carry the large and fearsome weapon known as the “Claymore”.

A Methven, NZ jewel that links us to a band of loyal Scottish men and mighty warriors.

The Worshipful Master’s jewel pendant on his collar is unique, wrought in silver, is a replica of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Scotland, whose jewel is wrought in gold.


The First 100yrs of Masters is seen in the Centennial Booklet, by clicking on the booklet attached to this website and going to page 25.  This is found down the right hand side column.


NB.  Those Masters prior to our Centennial are all noted in the 40 page Centennial Book which is able to be opened by clicking on the Centennial book shown on the right hand side of this website.

1984-85 – W Bro John W Hendry
1985-86 – Warren J Lyttle
1986-87 – Walter L Ashworth – P Prov G Std
1987-88 – Walter L Ashworth – P Prov G Std
1988-89 – Eric A Duff
1989-90 – Maurice E Duff
1990-91 – Wayne D Collins – P Prov G Std
1991-92 – Warren J Lyttle
1992-93 – Ivan M Ford
1993-94 – Ivan M Ford
1994-95 – Trevor J Dellow
1995-96 – Trevor J Dellow
1996-97 – Anthony D Shearer
1997-98 – Anthony D Shearer
1998-99 – Geoffrey D Richards
1999-2000 – Geoffrey D Richards
2000-01 – Donald McL Smith
2001-02 – Donald McL Smith


2002-03 – W Bro  Michael A Shearer
2003-04 – Michael A Shearer
2004-05 – Geoffrey D Richards
2005-06 – Michael A Shearer
2006-07 – Paul A Wallace
2007-08 – Paul A Wallace
2008-09 – Donald McL Smith
2009-10 – Donald McL Smith
2010-11  – Christopher A Rundle
2011- 12 – Christopher A Rundle
2012-13 – Peter J Rusbatch
2013-14 – Peter J Rusbatch
2014-15 – George W Currie
2015-16 – George W Currie
2016-17 – Christopher V Cayanan
2017-18 – Peter J Rusbatch
2018-19 – Leo G Mario


After the May 2014 Installation

Lodge Officers for 2014 - 15yr

BACK from left; W Bro. Tony Shearer SW; W Bro, R John Campbell Mackenzie Lodge #93 Organist; W Bro, Don Smith Dep Master; W Bro George Currie WM; W Bro. Peter Rusbatch IPM; Bro Chris Cayanan JW; Bro Frank Sandys JD. CENTRE left; Bro. Bien Go SD. FRONT; VW Bro, John Kinvig District Grand Master Midland District #28; Bro, Leo Mario IG; VW Bro. Ray Gudex, Lodge DC; VW Bro, David Darling GDC. ABSENT; W Bro. Chris Rundle, Secretary; W Bro Bob Frame, Treasurer; W Bro Michael Shearer, Tyler.

Exchange of Gavels and Combined Meetings

There have been 4 distinctive Lodges that The Methven Lodge #51 have had close fraternal combined meetings or exchange of gavels.

Shirley Lodge #263 started an exchange of gavel with Methven, with one exchange visit each year.  This came about by the retirement of the well respected Methven School Teacher, and long serving Methven member VW Bro James Gillanders who eventually joined the Shirley Lodge after its consecration in 1924 with the first exchange visit on 10 December 1924.  An exchange gavel was made and was always used at the joint meeting with the visiting Lodge taking it and leaving it with the host Lodge until the next joint meeting.

Cashmere Lodge #271 was consecrated also in 1924.  Their meeting rooms were up on Dyers Pass Rd, on the Cashmere Hills.  W Bro Walter Fairclough of the Cashmere Lodge  was a practicing Dentist in Christchurch and held regular visits to Methven to attend to many Methven patients.  He built Masonic friendships in Methven and attended meetings as a visitor, when eventually in 9 October 1935 during the year he was Master of the Cashmere lodge, the first exchange of gavel was held.  Like Shirley Lodge a gavel was made especially for these visits, with Cashmere going to Methven in October and Methven returning in March every year.

Many Brethren of Methven received their degrees in Shirley and Cashmere Lodges, together with Chch City Brethren getting theirs in Methven.

In January 1977, after W Bro George Currie had been active in the Canterbury Wardens group, and attending other Lodges that met on same evenings of the month, he found that the other two Lodges who meet on the second Wednesday as Methven were United Forces Lodge #245 (a Military Lodge) in Christchurch City and St Augustine Lodge #99 in Waimate had a recess month in January every year.

Methven early in 1976 had a vote to go into recess in January as it was always a lightly attended meeting.  The vote was lost and W Bro Currie set to to rectify the situation with this arrangement.  With discussions between the Worshipful Masters of these other two Lodges they were very happy to attend Methven’s January meeting.  Since January 1977 this evening has been one of Methven’s more successful meetings, and continually being well supported by the two visiting Lodges.

Vacant Chair 2 (640x480)

VW Bro John W Kinvig Dist GM, W Bro Peter J Rusbatch WM and Bro Leo Mario Flag Bearer with The Vacant Chair.

In April 2014 The Methven Lodge held the ceremony of “The Vacant Chair” for the first time.  This is a ceremony founded in Australian Masonry which is based on the Lodge member who goes overseas to war and does not return; leaving a Vacant Chair.  W Bro George Currie saw this ceremony done near Vancouver, Canada, where they did this ceremony for their Remembrance month of November.  It sometimes is done in Military Freemason’s Lodges.  A very moving ceremony which includes a bugler playing the “Last Post” and “Reveille”, and a piper for “The Lament”.  Those members who partook in Wars and especially those who faced the Supreme Sacrifice are read out.


VW Bro Ray E Gudex P Dist GM – Ray Joined from Mackenzie Lodge #93, in Fairlie


Distinguished Brother of the Second Century

VW Bro Raymond E Gudex (retired farmer & Agr Contractor).  VW Bro Ray farmed near to Fairlie on “Gudex” Road and was initiated into the Mackenzie Lodge #93 on 9 Apr ’81, where he became its Worshipful Master on 5 Nov ’88.  He joined St George’s Lodge #29 at Temuka and became its Master 5 May ’99.  On retiring he came to live near Ashburton but chose The Methven Lodge #51 to be his “local” Lodge.  Ray has done much in Freemasonry particularly of recent years, and very dedicated to its complete cause.  He climbed the ranks to become District Grand Master of the Midland District #28 which he is now a Past rank Grand Lodge Officer.  He is the current Methven Lodge Director of Ceremonies (DC).


Initiates since the Lodge was consecrated and all during the first century are listed  in the Centennial Book pages 31-38, available here for viewing down the right hand side column above.

New Initiates Since Our Centennial

(J) = Joining from another Masonic Lodge


Collins; Wayne Douglas
Randall; Nicholas Fredrick
Cooper; Kenneth Harold
Pluck; Malcolm Gary
Ford; Ivan Maurice
Gray; Huntley Ewan
Goodwin; Neville Anthony
Shearer; Anthony David
Watts; Winstone Allen
Shearer; Lyell Gregory
Shearer; Michael Andrew
Richards; Geoffrey Douglas
Smith; Donald McLean
Cochrane; Malvin John
Binks; David William
Riddle; Norman Arthur  (J)
Campbell; David Samuel
Marriott; Eric Ronald  (J)
Lambie; Bruce James  (J)
Wallace; Paul Andrew
Corry; Josue Leopold
Hepburn: Jeffrey Frank Allan
Rundle; Christopher Anthony
Stern; Ernest Henry  (J)
Rusbatch; Peter James
Welch; Terrance Bryan
McCrory; Ronald Annandale  (J)
Pulley; Michael
Sandys; Joseph Francis
Young; Alexander Derek
Gudex; Raymond Eric  (J)
Go; Bien Francis Ocupe
Cayanan; Christopher Vinuya
Jamieson; Gavin Hardie  (J)
Frame; Robert French  (J)                      Mario; Leo Grafilo
Duro; Hilarion Costillo “Larry”  (J)
Fernandez; Edsel Thomas Milo
Rodrigo; Joseph Glenn
Palis; Richie Francisco  (J)
Layno; Jayson Verceles
Araguas; Robert Opulencia
Houston; Stephen Robert
Hardwick; Christopher John  (J)
Manangkil; Felix Evangelista
Parker; Nikolas Richard Gutschlag
Redwood; William John Joseph
Winslade; Michael Lesley  (J)

Age & Date Initiated
30  –  08-08-84
43  –  10-10-84
36  –  9-10-85
46  –  13-11-85
47  –  13-08-86
41  –  08-10-86
46  –  11-03-87
39  –  11-10-89
51  –  11-09-91
39  –  09-10-91
47  –  08-04-92
35  –  12-08-92
44  –  10-03-93
44  –  10-11-93
32  –  11-09-96
72  –  13-08-97
35  –  08-03-00
00  –  13-05-98
00  –  08-07-98
50  –  11-04-01
55  –  09-10-02
45  –  12-03-03
54  –  11-06-03
54  –  13-12-03
56  –  14-04-04
37  –  12-07-06
00  –  13-08-06
38  –  10-01-07
57  –  13-08-08
47  –  10-09-08
65  –  08-10-08
29  –  08-06-11
37  –  08-06-11
00  –  09-11-11
66  –  14-12-11
33  –  09-04-13
45  –  12-11-14
42  –  10-12-14
49  –  11-11-15
36  –  13-01-16
44  –  14-09-16
32  –  12-10-16
43  –  10-01-18
60  –  10-01-18
46  –  14-03-18
24  –  10-10-18
31  –  13-02-19
38  –  13-03-19

Lodge Proprietor
Water Ranger
General Hand
Joinery Manager
Sawmill Manager
Motor Mechanic
Retired Farmer
Rakaia #31 WM
Retired Farmer
Travel Consultant
Travel Manager
School Caretaker
Retired Serviceman
Road Operations Manager
Ret Farmer/Contractor
Dairy Farm Worker
Motor Mechanic
Ret Insurance Agent
Dairy Farm Manager
Dairy Farm Technician
Herd Manager
Dairy Farm Worker
Dairy Farm Worker
Dairy Production Mgr
Dairy Farmer
Dairy Farmer
Stock Mgr & Farrier
Boilermaker Engineer


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