Leo as a Family Man


W Bro Leo Mario as a Family Man with his lovely ladies around him, wife Divianth Soria-Mario and two daughters.

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Leo and his wife wife Divianth on a more formal social occasion. One would suggest they are a great couple!



Leo as Worshipful Master of his Lodge on his Installation Evening, with his new team of Lodge Officers – May 2018.

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L to R: W Bro Bob Frame Treas, W Bro Chris Hardwick DC, Bro Edsel Fernandez SD, Bro Ritchie Palis SW, LEO WM, Bro Bien Go JW, Bro Jayson Layno IG, Bro Robert Araguaus JD, W Bro Tony Shearer Tyler & Almoner, W Bro Peter Rusbatch IPM, W Bro Chris Cayanan Dep Master. Absent: W Bro George Currie Secretary, VW Bro Ray Gudex Chaplin, Bro Glenn Rodrigo ADC

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W Bro Leo with his two Wardens – Bro Richie Palis SW and Bro Bien Go JW on his Installation evening – May 2018.

Prior to moving to New Zealand Leo studied at Central Mindanao University is a public research university located at the heart of Mindanao Island in the Philippines, specifically at University Town, Musuan (Barangay Dologon), Maramag, Bukidnon. It is one of the only two state universities in the province Bukidnon along with Bukidnon State University. One of the top performing universities in the country, it ranked 8th in the CHED 2011 top universities in the Philippines ranking.  With his studies awarding him with a Doctorate of Veterinary Science, suited to his work on Dairy Farms.

 On arriving in New Zealand Leo worked for “Mooncoin” Holdings near Methven, then to working at “Milkwell” Holdings near Pendarves, while currently he is with “Kolmar” Dairies near Mayfield.

There is much more to Leo, as with most Filipinos they love their communal social meets and the love of food, particularly Pork carved off the young Hog, straight from the home made spit roast!

CLICK HERE: To see the home made Spit Roast working.  https://www.facebook.com/leo.mario.12327/videos/2087473947931057/?t=40

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Group of Leo’s Freemason brethren friends: Jayson, Ritchie, Bien, Robert, Leo and Chris, and all the food cooked ready to partake – you can be sure the meat is carved off the spit roast from that succulent young Hog.

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Leo at the breakfast table planning and getting ready for his day’s work on the Dairy Farm.






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