AUSTRALIAN Freemasonry is divided up into State Grand Lodges, each operating as a stand alone Grand Lodge.  Three are fully United Grand Lodges: Queensland, New South Wales & ACT and Victoria, totally under their own jurisdiction.  That is where all original Lodge Constitutions (eg. English, Scottish or Irish) have combined to form one United Grand Lodge of their respective States.  The remaining States like New Zealand still have “other” Constitutions operating in their respective countries.

All Australian Freemasonry operate very similarly to New Zealand Masonic Lodges and common visitation occurs between all State Lodges and New Zealand.  The writer has attended, Masonic meetings in country Western Australia, Victoria and Roma, Queensland, and met a PGM (MW Bro Coates) of the United Grand Lodge of NSW & Act where Freemasonry was discussed at length.

W Bro Geo Currie was in Western Australian in 1985 and made some visits to West Australian Lodges.  While there he met a VW Bro RW Davidson PDJGW and member of South West United Lodge #338 WA constitution.  VW Bro Davidson gave to WBro Currie a special Gavel he had made from Curly or Fiddleback Blackbut a native timber of WA.  On returning to NZ W Bro Currie negotiated with his Lodge in Methven and the members decided to present this gavel on the 50th anniversary of the exchange of gavel visits with the Cashmere Lodge #271 in Chch City.

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