Some 45 Solid Quotations with the help of the Grand Lodge of Missouri – USA.  All apply to Freemasonry all over the world.  They highlight: Integrity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Brotherhood, Being an Example, Making Good Men Better Men.  Showing Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.  Importance of Family and Caring, Unity and Tolerance among Men.  Men who Stand Out and in the Pursuit of Knowledge.I Am a Traveller3 Tenets of FreemasonryBe the ExampleBorn & RaisedBrother in CharityBrotherhood of ManCharles LindberghDo of Your HeartDr Jenner & SmallpoxDwell in UnityFAMILYGuard West GateHope Faith & CharityI Am OneIntegrityLet There be LightLodge for Blind FreemasonsNever Look DownPursuit of Knowledge11889599_410181645843482_7562179604961809612_n12122617_427520724109574_8807352951858118141_n

Help to Man  John Stafford Smith Light for Good Men Mark Twain Language Masonry Teaching Tolerance Men Simply Stand Out My Brother's Keeper No Strangers New Friends On the LevelObligation to be Better Pursuit of Knowledge1462950_443864675808512_455978281858915626_n11889640_406034859591494_2800087421125109409_n12188915_428920953969551_1331809514513214581_n Taking Care12573207_452388454956134_3790874165861745295_n12592223_450924468435866_5045694569424610189_n12592767_452388398289473_3089584996966677692_n12642959_451174895077490_926336586722502770_n12509117_451175298410783_1413290454329042155_n12313938_434836243378022_8745654461408827249_n12573694_450926765102303_2505947584735409502_n12227663_430553840472929_5789347197969797851_n12193751_426423484219298_3025837253400170507_n

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